Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q:Where are you located?

A: GAIA USA is located in Denver, Colorado. GAIA is headquartered, and manufactured by GAIA in South Korea. We also have dealers if you are looking to work with a local business closer to your home.

Q:Do you offer installation?

A: Yes, please contact one of our dealers for installation services. Not near a Partner location? No problem, GAIA Caps and Campers are straightforward to install with the included instructions for each cap or camper.

Q: Do you ship?

A: Yes! We will ship your GAIA Truck Cap or Camper to your local truck terminal for pickup at the flat rate listed during checkout. This the fastest, safest, and most cost effective way to ship large items such as our truck caps and campers. Residential delivery including lift gate service may be available for some locations at additional cost. Please inquire if you require this service.

Q:How long will shipping take?

A: For common truck models, which are listed on our website as a stock item, typical shipping times from our centrally located Denver, CO warehouse are merely a few days via LTL truck freight to your local truck carrier terminal. Service to your front door is also available for a small additional charge, contact our team for residential delivery details. Backordered truck model lead times will vary between about 0-90 day lead times. If you don't see your truck listed on the website as in stock, or available to order/backordered, please contact us about getting your truck measured and having a Cap or Camper made to order. Lead times for made to order products are approximately 60-120 days.



Q: What shows or expos will you be at in the USA?

A: We will update the website and social media as we finalize which shows we will be exhibiting at. Stay tuned for upcoming 2023 dates and shows.

Truck Caps & Campers General Questions

Q: Where are the Truck Caps & Truck Campers made?

A: These high quality products are made in South Korea. Korea is known as an advanced manufacturing economy that exports products such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, cars, ships, steel, and camping equipment. You may already be familiar with brands such as Samsung and iKamper.

Q: What is the difference between the GAIA Truck Cap and the GAIA Truck Camper?

A: The Truck Cap covers the bed and has a pop-top lid, however has no integrated tent camper. The Tent Camper has an integrated clamshell/wedge tent on top (allowing you to pass between the truck bed and the tent, or stand up inside the bed, when the tent is open).

Q:When will you have XYZ Truck Cap or Truck Camper available for my truck?

A: We are actively adding new truck models as quickly as possible. Popular US model trucks are typically in stock at our USA warehouse ready to ship. Models that we are getting close to launch will be listed as "coming soon" on the website. If your truck model is not listed, contact us if you'd like to discuss having your truck measured for a built to order Truck Cap or Camper.

Q: Are the side door fabric windows/screens removable?

A: Yes! The optional fabric panels are removable. They simply velcro to the stainless steel door opening on the inside of the truck cap.

Q: What is the advantage of using stainless steel?

A: Ferritic stainless steel is preferred for its rust and corrosion resistance compared to regular steel. By utilizing precise sheet metal bending techniques in combination with fully welding the caps/canopies the resulting product is extremely strong and durable, yet still relatively light weight.

Q: Do you support 8ft truck beds?

A: We are working on it, but we do not have a projected release date at this time.

Q: Can I get operable (sliding) side windows in the side doors?

A: At this time sliding side windows are not offered as part of the base unit nor as an optional feature. We are considering this feature for future iterations of the product. However, we have found that most truck cap owners prefer a solid door. It keeps the cost of the base unit down, it prevents people from as easily seeing your gear inside, it allows you to fit out the inside of the cap with cabinets, storage etc and not worry about windows, and you have one less thing to break by accident loading cargo in/out or with shifting cargo while you are driving.

Q: Are the front and rear glass windows operable?

A: The front and rear safety glass are fixed panes at this time, not operable windows. We have found that this design is more durable over time than moving parts. Also, we have found that most customers have no real functional need for an operable/sliding window in these locations. The rear door has gas struts and lifts. Both windows are protected on the inside with removable security bars. This feature helps protect your cargo from theft, but also helps protect the windows from your cargo shifting into the glass during loading or while driving. The bars can be removed if you do not wish to utilize them.

Q: Can I get locked inside the cap or camper?

A: You simply can remove one screw on the backside of this style latch and then you can push the latch out the mounting hole. This style latch is not "operable" from the inside, which is common among all products using this type of latch which includes most all truck caps on the market. If you are getting inside and closing the doors down, you would just leave the latches in the open position.

Q: What type of latches do the doors use?

A: The GAIA caps and camper doors use compression trigger style latches, which are lockable using the provided keys. This style latch is durable and reliable, and therefore widely used among truck cap manufacturers throughout the world. They work well for metal panel construction since they create proper compression forces to easily pull the door in tight.

Q: Do all the Cap doors use the same key?

A: Yes, they are all keyed alike, and each Cap/Camper comes with spare keys.

Truck Cap Specific Questions

Q: What is a truck canopy anyway?

A: Truck topper, camper shell, canopy, truck cap or hard top… these are all more or less the same concept but are called different names around the world.

Q: What is the advantage of your Truck Cap's being fully welded?

A: A fully welded stainless steel truck cap has many advantages. Compared to fiberglass, there is no concern about cracking the truck cap from heavy loads or vibration from driving, wind, etc. Compared to a bolt-together (so called "modular" truck cap, the resulting truck cap is much stronger since there are no seams or bolts to rattle apart. Also, the cap will not leak at bolt-together seams!

Q: Do the GAIA Caps have a positive pressure vent or door on the top?

A: We have found that this feature is not needed, nor is it widely used by most truck cap owners. In many countries without "dirt highways" you are driving slowly on a "trail" and not creating enough air speed for a positive pressure vent to make much positive pressure inside the cap (thus just letting in more dust, if the cap utilizes a physical "door" on the top of the cap) or you are driving at high speed, but on a paved highway, and there is no use for the vent since there is no dust. We have also found on some designs that utilize a passive type vent, the vent and/or its seals tend to fail over time letting in significant amounts of water especially when you are in a car wash or driving in a downpour. For all these reasons, no, at this time, we do not utilize a positive pressure door or vent.

Q: Is there a light inside?

A: Yes! Each truck cap comes with an LED light inside the cap as well as wiring and a switch that can be wired along with the 3rd brake light.

Q:How large is the shipping box?

A: The fully welded and assembled Truck Cap is packaged inside of a wood crate for maximum protection during the journey from the factory and to you. Since each truck bed is made to specifically fit each truck make/model, the size of the crate will also vary accordingly. However, as an example, most mid-size truck short bed trucks (5ft bed) will be in a wood crate approximately 68x64x27 inches in size, and weighing approximately 250-300lbs including the packaging. We recommend having a few extra sets of hands to help lift a truck cap onto a truck, or to help pick up a crate from a truck terminal.

Truck Camper Specific Questions

Q: What is a truck camper anyway?

A: A Truck Camper combines a Truck cap with a traditional clamshell/wedge style rooftop tent design into a lightweight camper where you can pass-through from the truck bed directly into the tent above. This is setup in seconds, and creates a space inside your truck bed that you can stand up in! This converts your truck bed into a micro camper that is convenient, secure, and comfortable.

Q: Are the floor panels of the rooftop tent portion of the camper removable?

A: The floor panels are easily moved out of your way to enjoy the bed of your truck as a standing space by simply pushing the panels up and the gas struts will lift them vertically out of your way. However, if you should need to remove them, you can simply disconnect the gas struts and hinge bolts to remove the panels.

Q: Does it come with a ladder?

A: Yes! It comes standard with a ladder which can be attached to either side of the camper on the outside of your truck so you can access the top camper (rooftop tent) portion of the Truck Camper directly from the outside. This is handy in certain situations when you may not want to enter through the truck bed (for example you are just pulling over for the night to sleep on a road trip and you have your truck bed full of gear you don't want to unload).

Q: What is the mattress like?

A: The tent mattress is covered by a unique fabric called Aqua Cleantex which has excellent water resistance and can easily be wiped clean. It is also soft to the touch yet is extremely durable and scratch resistant. Over 2 inches thick, the mattress is made of high density foam providing firm support and a solid sleeping base that can easily be supplemented with a variety of mattress toppers or air mats to suit your specific comfort preferences.

Q: Is there a light inside?

A: Yes! The GAIA camper has several LED lights mounted into the inside of the roof panel of the camper tent, as well as an additional light inside the lower portion of the camper (to light up the truck bed when the camper top is closed). Long wire leads and switches are provided so you can wire the camper and the 3rd brake light to your truck.